Since June 2015, I have walked 1000km in 28 days ALONE, cycled 2037km across 7 countries in 24 days ALONE, and recently walked 400km on the National Lottery funded ‘Great Big Walk’.
Now I have ‘Run the Island’, starting on Belfast (5th Spetember 2017), I ran a marathon a day, and completed 1 lap of the island. With one man recording the journey, cycling in support. 
With your contribution to the journey, you will be helping raise funds for Simon Community NI. I will be looking to help people in many areas around the island, as the money raised previously has been used to help youth clubs/community centres, senior and junior sports clubs, and individual causes.
I feel we have become divorced from nature and many key areas of our learning world are being eradicated, safe spaces for children to congregate and eat well, areas for creativity and imagination through art, music and crafts. With very little of the physical world in the curriculum for many. Our communities have dispersed. It is up to us to ensure our children have the skills they need to live happy fulfilling lives, following our example. We must be the teachers of wealth, health and happiness, not exemplifying a life spent unfulfilled glaring at an electronic device imitating life and its experiences, addicted to the pursuit of possessions. Following life from a text book.

So, I HAD to run, so that you can join this adventure!
On my journeys previously, I have completed them with little expense and have been inspired by many acts of human kindness along the way. It is my aim to help fund groups and organisations that are overlooked and a big problem in our society. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, and having seen what people can do when they really put their mind to it, it inspires me to keep going.
If you want to create a larger vision or get involved in working with me to help others, then feel free to contribute below. I appreciate your contribution to the challenge in helping the Simon Community NI along my mammoth attempts, especially at this time of the year. 


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