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My amateur stand up comedy attempt!

My amateur Stand up comedy attempt! Dalys Omagh Comedy show were awesome though, all the acts we very funny. Thanks to Terry Keys, Conor Keys, Chris Bowes, Sean Cuthbertson for making me feel so welcome. ‘Barry the Blender Henderson’ was before me, so I had it tight....

My time in Donegal

My time in Donegal, with no hot water or no electric for over 2 months. This flame was my heater, my light, my cooker, my boiler, my friend, and my alter. This experience changed me forever. So powerful.

Daryl Smilie

Daryl Smilie. NI U19 Room mate. Great lad, and a top footballer. Bumped into each other in Enniskillen. Even though he lives in Sweden. Deadly coincidence.